1 - What does Standard and Expedited delivery mean?
Standard delivery is the normal production option. Your song will enter into a production list waiting for its turn. The expedited delivery option, however, means that your song will be done in one week, maybe two at the most. It’s really good that you know these two terms (standard and expedited) so you can know how long will the delivery of your material take approximately. You should know that if you choose the Standard delivery you will have to wait a little longer, this is why we ask you to be patient. If you are hurried or have a deadline, you should choose the expedited delivery. We want to please you in every way and we know that your time is really valuable, so from our part we want to be honest with the delivery times of your song.
2 - I need a backing track in another key different from the original song, is this something you can do?
Of course we can! We make backing tracks in any key so you feel comfortable in your tone. You just need to tell us how much semitones (steps up or down) you need or in which key specifically has to be and we’ll do it from scratch having this requirement in mind. At the end you will be able to sing your backing track in the key you desire.
3 - How long do you take in making custom backing tracks?
We usually take between 4 and 8 hours to make a custom backing track, depending on the difficulty of the song, but what I think you are really asking is how long will it take for you to receive the finished backing track. We work in the following way: Since we are a recording studio dedicated to songs production and we are constantly recording, you can imagine your song isn’t the only one we are recording. This is why we have a production list with each client’s songs. The delivery time of your song will depend on the production type you choose (Standard or Expedited). If you chose Standard delivery, as we’ve explained on the first question of this FAQ, songs are recorded in order by date of arrival. So, if you are a profesional musician and you have time to invest in high quality sound recordings, you can take the time to wait for your production turn. You will be receiving for a very good price your song in the moment it is finished. When you add a song to the production list that doesn’t mean we are going to start recording it immediately, it means that you are taking a position in the production list and when your turn comes your song will be made and you will receive it. If you have a deadline, you are super hurried or you doubt if you will be able to make it on time, we recommend you choose the expedited delivery. The songs added to the production list won’t be accelerated, you will have to wait your turn.
4 - What happens if I need the song urgently, how fast you can make my custom songs?
Of course we can offer you a really fast method to get your backing tracks. If you need it for a specific date and you cannot wait, we can offer you the expedited deliver option, which means we are going to make you backing track in one week. Of course this service has another cost, because we have to work extra hours to make your music apart from the rest of the production. If you are hurried it’s worth to pay for this service because you will be receiving your songs much faster.
5 - The music quality is the same in a standard order than in an expedited order?
Yes, the music quality is the same. We make all of our custom backing tracks the same, perfect and with excellence for all of our clients. The only thing that changes choosing these services is the delivery time of your backing track.
6 - I need the separated instruments, can you give me the master of the song ( stems )?
Yes, we can give you the master with every instrument in wave format or aiff so you can open the files in your favorite audio editor or in your recording studio. Besides from the master, you will obtain exclusivity and mechanical rights of the song, so the song will be completely yours. And as an extra, you will get the song with the expedited service, which means that this service will take approximately a week to be in your hands.
7 - I need backing tracks without the lead guitar, or without sax, is this achievable?
Of course, we can record every instrument of a song except the ones you desire, so you can play your instrument over the song just as a singer would do. In the same way we don’t replicate the voice, we won’t replicate the instrument you indicate us.
8 - Do you make any discount for quantity of songs?
We only offer discount to our regular clients, this are the clients that give us at least 10 songs every month, with a minimum of 6 previous consecutive months.
9 - I need the song in various different keys, can you do that?
As we've explained in question number two, we can make songs in any key but we will just make one key by song on demand since we record with real instruments and to change their key we should re-record a lot of instruments again. This is why we charge every key separately. However, consult for this specifically via email because there are many options which we can help you with. It depends a lot on the song and how difficult it is to produce it. Write us an email now. Click here.
10 - I need midi tracks.
We don’t make midi files. We make backing tracks with real instrumentation. Replicas of the original in audio format not midi.
11 - Do you have backing tracks already made so I can see the catalog you’ve made?
You can visit our associate page Superbackings.com and go through all the lists, make searches and download your backing tracks.
12 - Where can I listen to demos of your work?
On this same web, clicking here you will be redirected directly to the demos. Also, you can visit the page with comments from our clients by clicking here.
13 - About backing vocals
When a song has vocals from the begining to the end, it doesn't matter if they are 2,3 or 4 singers singing all together, that's not consider backing vocals. It doesn't matter if they has harmonies. When several voices sing the whole song is not backing vocal, it's lead. Duetos are not backing vocals. In those cases, if you want the lead vocals to be recorded you need to request them and will have an extra price.