Album cover design

Art cover for your project
Are you planning to upload your music to Spotify, Itunes, Apple Music, etc. but you don’t have a good cover design for your album? Don't worry! We'll do it for you in just one day!

We make all kinds of graphic design. Not only do we have a recording studio but we also have an image laboratory where we make professional graphic design. And the best of all is the price! That's right! You can obtain the cover art of your album or single, completely original end exclusive for only $49,99

After ordering the creation of your album cover send us an email letting us know that you've done the payment. And don’t forget to send us some examples of what you'd like us to do, images, mood boards, and pictures if you have.
Your design will be ready in one day, two days at most, and you'll receive it by email, in high quality, in TIFF and JPG format (you'll get both).