I remember when I started doing custom backing tracks in the year 1999. It was an amazing time, there was no competition and I was one of the first musicians to work worldwide. My brother and I both started working out of the blue for thousands of clients around the world. Today everything got harder: Internet is not the same, it has too many rules, there's too many competition out there, but we remain the same. I mean, we are still working for people instead of working just for the numbers. We love our job. Everytime we make custom backing tracks I know there's a human on the other side waiting for a great product. Our main goal is to make you happy and for you to return. It's great when a new customer comes, but it's much better when he comes back.

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Custom Backing Tracks
Custom Backing Tracks

We have more than 20 years in the backing tracks industry and all those years make a big difference. Knowing all the available recording technologies from the starts of music production until today, plus the years of mixing experience, gives us a bigger panorama about audio production.

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custom backing tracks
Download Backing Tracks

We have a large catalogue of backing tracks in mp3 format ready to be downloaded. Do you want to visit ou website and listen to them?.

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album recording
Your album recording

Are you planning the recording of your first album? Well, recording album it's very easy, and I can help you with that. I can create and do the arrangements for your album, fully orchestrated and instrumented in the style you want.

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